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2017 Festival Artist Carolyne Wagland


Creativity has taken me along an interesting path. Early experimenting in life drawing, illustration, photography, silkscreening; led me to Sheridan College's Graphic Design Program. Following, I set up shop in Toronto and began my design career, freelancing and gaining industry experience as an award- winning graphic designer, creative consultant, web designer, illustrator, and artisan. I love tackling new creative challenges, brainstorming and developing ideas to solve real world problems. Developing the festival 25th Anniversary Image was a collaborative process of meeting with the HFA board to brainstorm ideas, where visuals began to emerge…. Our sessions conjured up images of a magical summer theatre night in the woods where the drama masks of tragedy and comedy turn into trees, and the night skies were filled with music directed skillfully by a magical whimsical fairy. I imagine creatures of the forest large and small gathering to celebrate the dance and music of the festival of the arts in Huntsville’s beautiful forests.


Catherine Luce






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