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Educational Outreach

Over the years the Festival has worked with the local high school to underwrite theatre recital costs for a number of student performances, from HHS Band Concerts to the successful Song Project initiative. They have also supported an annual film festival and have underwritten the cost of creating various Group of Seven murals. The murals are painted by senior High School art students and are mounted on the outside of the school, bringing the school into the Town’s mural project.

For a few years performance poets from the Toronto area delivered workshops to Huntsville High School students, initially teaching them the basics of performance (Slam) poetry and then critiquing their works in an open mike workshop environment.

All in all the Festival has budgeted approximately $8,000 annually to assist primary and secondary school arts initiatives. The Festival is always on the lookout for partnership opportunities that benefit local youth and encourage their involvement in the arts. Funding for these programs comes from general donations and mainstream programming.

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