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If you would like to become a Festival member through a donation please print and send the enclosed form to the Festival address provided in the donation card by clicking the donation button below.

Donate to the Huntsville Festival of the Arts

A tax receipt for the full amount of the donation will be forwarded in a timely manner.

Over the years the Huntsville Festival has evolved to become a very eclectic arts organization.
Our patrons have shown us, through their ticket buying and their suggestions , the direction that they would like us to follow. A festival such as ours does not aim to build up a profit year over year.

In fact our responsibility is to reinvest any surpluses in expanded outreach and educational programming.

With the move to the new Algonquin Theatre and the development of a year round program we are facing many challenges. “Popular’ programs are easy to present. Mainstream artists usually sell well and cover their costs. However one of the principal benefits of the Festival is the opportunity to be introduced to art forms and performers that may otherwise not be available in our area.

For that we need personal donations and sponsorship support!

To continue to offer a quality musical arts program, in addition to expanding the availability and reach of our events, we require your support.

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