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Call for Directors Spring Musical 2018

 The Huntsville Festival of the Arts and the Rotary Club of Huntsville invite applications from Directors for the 2018 Spring Musical.  We are looking for experienced, creative Directors who are interested in bringing their visions to life and creating magic on the Algonquin Theatre stage.

 Application Information

To apply, please prepare and submit the following items:

A proposal stating the musical title(s) in which you are interested along with a synopsis and links to videos if available.  (Please undertake whatever inquiries you can to determine that the rights to the musical can be acquired for general presentation by non professional community groups.)  Please expand on your vision for the production and outline why you think it will appeal to the Huntsville audience;

A current resume highlighting relevant experience.


*Submit your application by email to: info@huntsvillefestival.on.ca or drop off to the Box Office of the Algonquin Theatre

*Application Deadline is July 15, 2017


Interviews will be conducted the last week of July  – final dates and times to be determined.


Additional notes:

The Spring musical takes place in mid-April and in the past auditions were held in October/November with rehearsals starting in January;

While we invite applicants to identify key members of their production teams (Director, Musical Director, Choreographer, Set Designer, etc.) we are happy to help find members of the production team if needed;

Huntsville Festival of the Arts is a volunteer, not-for-profit, community theatre organization – this is a volunteer position.


Interview Process

The interview will be conducted by members of the Huntsville Festival Executive and key members of past successful productions. During the interview, in addition to expanding on the reasons for the choice of your proposed musical, the following topics will likely be discussed: Cast size and requirements; vocal and acting requirements of leads; your proposed audition and rehearsal processes; vision for costumes, sets, and props; and identification of any specific production requirements (i.e. flying gear, special lighting and/or equipment, etc.).


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