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Board and Volunteers

Festival Board 2017

The Festival has an eighteen-member board with a president and one vice president. It consists of a mix of local and seasonal business persons, supporters and members of the artistic community. The board is supported by an appointed advisory committee. Beginning in 1997 the board has taken on the role of artistic direction and decision making and there is definitely a community feeling amongst its members.



In most cases volunteers who previously directly supported the festival of the arts are now volunteers of the Algonquin Theatre. Occasionally the festival presents programming outside of the theatre and requires volunteer support.


Artistic Director Emeritus

Attila J. Glatz


Attila J. Glatz
Susan Alberghini
Jim & Jane Alexander

Karen Cassian


Back row from the left:
Greg Perras, Rob Saunders, Suzanne Riverin, Carol Gibson, Steve Campbell, Barry Hayward, Helena Renwick, Karen Cassian, Sharon Marks
Front row from the left:
June Salmon, Beth Ward, Tia Pearse, Kareen Burns, Cheryl Stamper, Will Gibson
Carol Stueck, Gillian McCaskill

General Manager
Rob Saunders

Theatre Technician
Chris Boon

Festival Photographer
Jon Snelson


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