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About the Huntsville Festival of the Arts

The Mandate of the Huntsville Festival of the Arts


  1. To increase awareness and promote the public's appreciation of the arts by providing an eclectic mix of musical, theatrical, dance and visual arts performances and exhibitions. These will be presented in a variety of venues throughout the area and involve performers of local, national and international stature.
  2. To complement the existing opportunities available relating to the performing and visual arts in our area and to enhance the area's attractiveness to visitors, permanent and seasonal residents resulting in economic benefits to the surrounding businesses.
  3. To provide educational opportunities for students of all ages and to encourage their participation, in an interactive format wherever possible, to develop their appreciation of the arts and identify potential career paths.

Contribution to the Community

The Festival's contribution to the Huntsville and area community can be measured from both an economic and an educational perspective. Visitors to the Festival shop in local stores and stay in local resorts and hotels. The Festival itself employs local musicians and reinvests money back into the community. A number of educational initiatives link the Festival with the community's youth in general and aspiring young musicians specifically. As the Festival grows it has extended its artistic offerings to include year-round concerts. Our primary belief is that by continually enhancing our benefits to the surrounding community we will build a loyal base of subscribers and supporters.


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